Smash your running goals in 2018

Posted by Joe Wicks - 1 Days Ago in: Fitness, Recipes

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Posted by Joe Wicks - 2 Days Ago in: Fitness, Recipes

Prawn and chorizo stir-fry

This prawn and chorizo stir-fry is an absolute winner from my new 90 Day Plan. It's super quick to make and tastes absolutely banging.

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Posted by Joe Wicks - 22 Days Ago in: Fitness, Recipes

Almond, lemon and herb crusted cod with asparagus

Oh my days. This is one of the brand new recipes from my all new 90 Day Plan. It's quick and easy and tastes incredible.

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Posted by Joe Wicks - 50 Days Ago in: Recipes

Bacon wrapped stuffed turkey breast with all the trimmings

Forget pigs in blankets, this is turkey deluxe! It's basically the best of the bird, stuffed with cranberries and smothered in bacon. This is perfect for Christmas Day and this one has all the trimmings, including lemony sprouts, swede mash and cauliflower cheese.

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Posted by Joe Wicks - 55 Days Ago in: Recipes

Chicken and leek gnocchi bake

Gnocchi is becoming my new favourite carb source. I can't work out if it's a potato or a pasta but I don't care because it tastes so good. The kids and adults will all enjoy this one.

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Posted by Joe Wicks - 64 Days Ago in: Recipes, Wellbeing

The Doctor's Kitchen on Food, Fats and Living a Healthier Life

I had an awesome conversation with Dr Rupy Aujla of The Doctor's Kitchen to talk about all things food and why he believes it's the most important health intervention anyone can make.

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Posted by Joe Wicks - 85 Days Ago in: Recipes

Chicken, chorizo and cauliflower tray bake

This is one of those meals that is well worth the wait. It tastes incredible and everything gets thrown in the same tray. I recommend preheating the oil in the roasting tray to get the chicken skin nice and crispy.

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Posted by Joe Wicks - 117 Days Ago in: Recipes

American-style blueberry pancakes

Everyone on my Instagram goes crazy when I post a stack of protein pancakes, so it only seemed right to include a new pancake recipe. This one will not disappoint. They are so satisfying after a workout.

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Posted by Joe Wicks - 144 Days Ago in: Recipes

Egg and chorizo breakfast muffins

These are so easy and fast to make. They include chorizo and cheese too so you know they'll taste awesome. They make a brilliant low-carb breakfast on the go or a snack at lunch.

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Posted by Joe Wicks - 166 Days Ago in: Recipes

Lamb madras curry

There's nothing better than a night in with good friends and a home-cooked curry. This one is really easy to make and lamb makes a nice change from the usual chicken.

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Posted by Joe Wicks - 198 Days Ago in: Recipes

Joe's Fish Pie

After all the love I got for 'Joe's Chicken Pie' in my first book I decided to create an even tastier one. This pie uses smoked haddock, salmon and prawns and it tastes unbelievable. It's so creamy inside and the crispy filo pastry on top just seals the deal for me.

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