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Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Di, Today

"I signed up to SSS at the end of March at the age of 46 after yo-yo dieting all of my adult life. I was also desperate to lose some inches before my holiday at the end of June. I loved the structure of the plan, with each of the cycles being better than the one before. C1 is all set recipes so it's really easy to follow and to get into good habits. I found the HIIT sessions hard at first but I soon found my fitness levels improving. I loved the addition of weights in C2 and the freedom of the pick and mix food as I love to cook - throwing together a meal using the principles really easy. I found all the carbs on training days really hard at first, but my body did eventually get used to them. C3 was definitely my cycle! More weights and less carbs, I could really start to see the changes in my body. I managed to fit into all my holiday clothes mid C3 - in fact some were too big! I lost 12kg & 21 inches in total over the 3 cycles, but more than that I've regained self respect and the confidence that I will get to my ultimate fat loss goal (which I've never reached). I've discovered a love of weights and have since installed a mini gym in my garden which I use 5 times a week & I've also learnt how to fuel my body properly. The plan really has been life changing for me and I'm so pleased with my results. Thanks Joe & all at the Body Coach! "

Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Lisa, Today

"I had been following Joe wicks on Fb for about 6 months & loved seeing all the transformations. My weight has increased quite dramatically in the last year (think due to my age late 40s) and I was feeling rubbish,so I took the plunge & signed up & its the best thing I did. I have loved all 3 cycle's may not have done at the time(c2 leg day& c3 shoulder day) make you want to scream but I liked that each month is different it kept it interesting. I preferred to stick to the recipes provided rather than the pick & mix and enjoyed trying most of them,smoothie's, pancakes,beef stroganoff &tuna melt all my favourites, couldn't believe I could eat so much food & still lose weight I was never hungry. The plan is challenging but so worth it,its just what I needed. I stuck to the exercises 100% and tried to increase my weights each time,the food was harder as I socialise most weekends,I still enjoyed a drink but cut down the amount I was drinking before doing sss & now love the way I feel,I am slimmer,fitter,happier & more confident with no more headaches &hot flushes. Thanks to Joe & the body coach team and to the social media sights who motivate each other so much,I am now ready to carry on my journey to getting lean with SAS and can't wait to see more changes in my body "

Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Emma, Today

"I have been trying for the past 6 years to get rid of my mum tum and failed miserably until trying the 90day program. Not only did I achieve the body I wanted but I felt great and have been completely re-educated on how to eat. If you stick to the food and exercise you don't feel hungry and the cravings for all the food you shouldn't eat, disappear. Don't get me wrong, I swayed quite a bit because let's face it, life does get in the way sometimes but I just got back on it the next day. Eating out was difficult and I found it hard to stick to on holiday but I still got there in the end. Best plan ever! "

8 Week Progress and Super Lean Winner!

Rebecca, Today

"I decided to sign up for the 90 day SSS plan because I woke up one day and realised I had let myself go over the years. I have to say, signing up to this plan is the best thing I have ever done. In the past I have always been afraid of failing and once I did I would 'fall off the wagon'. What has been the best thing during my two cycles so far is Joe's positivity!! He always encourages not to beat yourself up if you have had a bad day, just keep going and don't give up. This really helped me stay on track and I found his positive attitude to be so inspiring and motivating. The meals are fabulous and I have learnt far more about healthy eating and how food affects my body. I overall have a better understanding of food and more importantly a far better relationship with food. My all time favourite meal is the build up bagel! ❤️ Having the support heroes is also extremely helpful. I have used them more in cycle 2 for advice and even on one occasion for just a boost in motivation. They have been perfect. I would recommend (and do recommend) this plan to everyone! Here's to cycle 3 - BRING IT ON!!! "

4 Week Progress and Super Lean Winner!

Lean Winner, Today

"So after a lot of deliberation, i decided to sign up for the 90SSS plan and I must say it has been one of the best decisions i have made! I was a little worried about all of the meal prepping and HIIT but I absolutely loved C1. My fave meals were the thai curry, mousse me up and build up bagel. Who would have thought that you could eat such tasty, filling meals and loose fat! Like anyone, I went out for meals and had the cheeky glass of wine but as the meals were so yummy it was super easy to get back on track the next day. I enjoyed the workouts, especially as they were only 40 minutes long (no more gruelling 2-3 hours at the gym anymore!) and found that the plan was easy to fit around my lifestyle. My top tips would be to get organised- I planned my whole weeks' meals and workouts, cooking as much as I could in advance and freezing it and drinking your water allowance. I found the days that i didn't drink as much as i should have were the harder days on the plan. I thought that i would really struggle in C1, due to the reduced carb focus, but actually i really enjoyed it and loved how much better i felt in myself, more energised and a lot less bloated! I could not recommend the plan enough and the support heroes are amazing, answering even the most silly questions and tailoring the plan to you. If you are thinking of doing the plan I would definitely go for it, the results you get are amazing. I can't wait to complete my plan and use what I've learned to be a lean winner! "

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