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The New 90 Day Plan

Anne, 13 Days Ago


"The 90 Day Plan has given me the kick start I needed to engage in regular exercise and healthy eating. I thoroughly enjoyed the structure of the plan - knowing what I would be eating each day, and which workout I would undertake. This has the added benefit of one weekly trip to the market, and everything gets eaten - no wastage. I'm fitting into clothes I haven't worn for years and I feel fabulous! Prepping really is the key, and it is totally worth the effort as not only does it save you time during the week, but absolutely reduces the desire for fast food take aways - which in turn saves $$$. Each Cycle offered up lots of fabulous recipes, with some of my favourites being the apple bircher museli, jerk chicken with pineapple salsa, mexican burger and chilli beef nachos which feel like a treat. The Plan is so easy and convenient to incorporate into your day, and there's no way you won't see results. Bring on the Graduate Plan!"

The New 90 Day Plan

Rosie, 15 Days Ago


"Before I started the 90 day plan I had been unhappy with how I looked for a while. I knew I had put on weight and despite the fact I was going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week for more than a year (mostly doing cardio) I couldn't seem to lose any. I decided to start the plan in June and all I can say is I wish I'd done it sooner! I'm not going to say it was easy and all the meal prep takes some getting used to but planning ahead is key and by the time I got to cycle 2 I was into a routine and it all got a lot easier! I now understand a lot what food my body needs and feel so much better in myself because of it. I absolutely loved the exercises and feel so much fitter, stronger and healthier than I did 3 months ago 💪🏻 Thanks to Joe and his team for creating such a fab plan 🙌🏻 "

The New 90 Day Plan
8 Week Progress

Gavin, 20 Days Ago


"After trying a few different exercise and diet routines with a variety of outcomes, I decided to try Joe Wicks Body Coach 90 Day Plan after seeing various posts and good feedback online, along with his easy to follow recipe videos. This plan absolutely works perfectly for me. From the variety of meals to the flexibility of when I complete the workouts, it just works. The workouts are varied, fun, often brutal and weirdly addictive. The main thing I have had to say to myself is to focus on the plan and stick to the meals and workouts. On those days when you can't be bothered to cook, I looked to the "Quick and Easy" recipes and sometimes delved into the previous Cycle meals. The Smoothies and Protein Pancakes are fantastic and were an easy "go to" meal for me. My major bad habit prior to starting Cycle 1 was bingeing in the evenings in front of the TV with a sharing bag of chocolate all to myself to fulfil my cravings. Hydration is key to help stop those hunger cravings. With the this plan those cravings have gone and I noticed a massive change in not just how I looked after Cycle 1 but also how I felt. More awake, more alert, sleeping better and with so much more energy during the day. I have now just started Cycle 3 and fully intend to continue after with the Graduation Program as really enjoy the ease, variation and flexibility of the plan. Thanks Joe Wicks Body Coach for what is a fantastic way to get healthy and change my lifestyle."

The New 90 Day Plan
4 Week Progress

Kathryn, 20 Days Ago


"The Bodycoach Plan has really changed my life, and my outlook towards food and exercise. The physical changes I've seen have been excellent but also the shift in my mood as a result of regular exercise and prepping like a boss has been great. The support from the Support Heroes and fellow leanies has been fantastic. "

Matthew, 23 Days Ago


"The plan was a revelation in terms of finally knowing what amounts of carbs, protein and fat volumes I should be consuming and when. Pre plan I would have eaten too many carbs in the evening and none in the morning. Too many for lunch the following day (leftovers) and this coupled with quite the chocolate and crisp addiction as a "snack" (d'oh) before and a lot of the time after dinner plus no exercise, well.... Now I must admit the hardest part of the plan for me was the constant food prep and having to weigh out the food. This was very time consuming in the evenings ( I did not prep all my meals in one go) and obviously required more thought than my previous actions of just chucking a cereal bar or two in my bag. This being said the recipes provided are epic, there was not a meal that I didn't enjoy or look forward to eating again. Particular favourites were the buffalo chicken bites, all of the curries, the lean muscle mince and my new breakfast champion of the Bircher muesli (this has changed my world!). The exercise routines were amazing I really enjoyed making this part of my morning routine and have seen my body fat and muscle mass change thanks to the weight training. I have to also say that since exercising regularly and eating better I have noticed I have not been ill once and my overall health definitely improved. So in summary would I recommend the plan 100% yes (I already have been!) am I pleased with my results, yes. I intend to keep going and improve upon the results by signing up to the graduate plan. Was it hard at times.. yes, was it worth it...100% yes! "

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