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Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Lean Winner, Yesterday

"The sss plan has been life changing for me. It had made such a difference to my physical & mental health. I feel it has taken me from a dark place to a very bright one. Cycle 1 made me realise that I was not a lost cause, that it is as simple as just starting, and that you get out of life what you put in. Cycle 2 was my favourite. I loved the introduction of weights, and after week one I loved the extra carbs too. Cycle 3 I had more social occasions to attend in this cycle, which meant I struggled a little on the food, but put 100% in to my training. This cycle did teach me the you have to balance life & health. Life happens, you just need to have fun, then get straight back into training the next day. I have already signed up for the sas & am excited for the journey to come. Thank you Joe and team, the journey has been amazing xx"

Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Marian, 4 Days Ago

"I found the plan tough, I'm not going to lie! But if loosing weight and toning up was so simple I think everyone would have done it already! Saying that, the plan itself is easy to follow and as long as you stick to it you do see results! I am by no means at the end of my fitness journey, I have a way to go. But I'm so happy with my progress especially my collar bone area and my tummy. My favourite recipe was the Piri Piri meatballs - they are AMAZING!! I could have stayed on those for all the cycles! Cycle one was difficult because it took motivation and will power but I saw my biggest results in this cycle which helped me along! Cycle two I struggles with the amount to eat, but by the end of it I was gobbling all the carbs and wanting more! Cycle three took me a while to get into so I ended up repeating it. I enjoyed it! And I'm still sticking to the principles now :) Training killed to begin with but did get easier and I've started making my own HIITS which I find much more fun, before that I was following joe's YouTube channel and only trusting him to tell me what to do! My top tip - just do it. Don't think about if's and but's just give it all a go. It's worth the time and effort. There are people on here who have to get up at silly hours to fit the workouts in but they still smash it! Well done to everyone who has finished this cycle! It's been a journey - I'm so excited to see where this takes me now! (New me!!!) "

8 Week Progress and Super Lean Winner!

Lean Winner, 4 Days Ago

"I really loved Cycle 2! The exercise took longer but is manageable and I liked doing the weights as you can quickly see how it starts to change your body. The food was more flexible than the first cycle and I never felt hungry which was great! I had a few occasions during this cycle such as a holiday and BBQs where I came off plan but just got straight back on it after and still feel really happy with my results. I'm enjoying events that come up as normal but I now look forward to getting back on plan again too so I know this really will be a permanent lifestyle change for me. Can't wait to start Cycle 3 now!"

Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Lean Winner, 4 Days Ago

"Im so pleased I signed up to the 90 day plan. I'm feeling much happier and in control of my body shape. My favourite meals are the currys, massaman and thai green, as they're so full of flavour! I can't believe 90 days ago when i first started the plan the first few sessions of exercise made me feel sick (from all the jumping up and down) but my body quickly adjusted. Now i really like the quick sessions, which are easy to fit in every few days. In C3 I've tried to mix up the HIIT exercises to keep my body working hard. I missed the carbs of C2 but could see how my body was changing, so it was worth it. I feel confident to keep going with all the lessons I have learned along the way. "

Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Ewan, 5 Days Ago

"Having finished the plan I'm absolutely thrilled that I managed to not only complete it but that I 100% stuck to it and it didn't cause me to suffer socially! I found it a touch daunting to begin with but I quickly learned the basic dietary/exercise principles and this then makes the plan an enjoyable and fun challenge. Personally I found C3 to be my favourite cycle as it was by far the toughest and you can really get your teeth into it. I would absolutely, and do, recommend this to anyone who wants to have fun whilst getting into shape."

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