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The New 90 Day Plan
8 Week Progress

Lean Winner, 3 Days Ago

"Having struggled over the last few years with maintaining a healthy weight, I was back at one of my heaviest weights and with my wedding looming I needed a kick up the bum, so I signed up to the plan. It's one of the best decisions I've made. The plan is so straight forward to follow and it really is about teaching you everything you need to know to maintain a healthy lifestyle - both with fitness and in the kitchen. The workouts definitely crank up a notch through each cycle but I've found myself enjoying them more - which I never thought I'd say! The food alone makes the plan worth the money, every recipe is delicious and the fact that all the measurements are tailored to you makes it so easy to follow and know what you're allowed to eat. Anyone wondering whether or not to sign up - just do it! You won't regret it! (P.S. just buy lots of tupperware first!)"

The New 90 Day Plan

Amy, 12 Days Ago


"The 90 day plan has changed my whole outlook on fitness and diet. I started this plan at an all time low, I was sick of trying and failing to loose weight on fad diets, shakes, bars, fasting, severe calorie restriction, excessive exercise I had tried it all. When I first started the plan and got my recipes through I have to admit I did panic. 3 meals and 2 snacks a day was a lot more food than I had eaten daily in years, but I decided what I was currently doing wasn't working so I would go for it and try the plan, I had nothing to lose (but hopefully some weight). It was tough I am not going to lie it was hard work and if I could give one piece of advice it would be "prep like a boss". It seems like an awful lot to get your head round at first but once you get started it becomes enjoyable planning your week ahead. Any wobbles I had I would contact as I called them the super hero's (support hero's) who were always really prompt in replying with helpful friendly advice and whenever I had a bad day which did happen I would jump on the facebook group where everyone is on the same journey, my fellow leanies would spur me on and give me the motivation I needed to keep going. I was all about the weight loss when I started the plan and I am really surprised to be saying that it has turned out not to be my main focus. It's the transformation in my body shape and fitness levels that has really motivated me to continue. I love taking my photos every month and seeing a wee set of abs peeking through and knowing that my body is capable of doing workouts and lifting weights that I never imagined I ever would. Moose me up has been a revelation to me and has really saw me through the plan. I showed my starting and finishing photos to my Mum and she did not mention my transformation in body shape the first thing she mentioned was my smile, I never even realised I was doing it but from start to finish my smile has got bigger and bigger and that is how I would sum up this plan. I am happier, healthier and fitter than I have ever been and look forward to continuing to follow Joe and continue my journey in becoming the happy, healthy person I have always longed to be."

The New 90 Day Plan

Joanne, 12 Days Ago


"The 90 day plan has been somewhat of a curiosity to me for the past few years, but like most I was always so skeptical to its success. Over the last year I had lost some weight in preparation for my wedding, then of course like we all do, I put it all straight back on! I started to feel so self conscious and really hated my body. So my husband and I both agreed we needed a kick to get fit! We were both fully committed and started the plan mid January. In the beginning it took some time to get used to the amount of cooking need and shopping! We felt all we did was talking about food, cooking and exercising... we slowly got into a steady rhythm and the cooking time became less as we really planned our meals well during the week, lots of bulk cooking. We tend to cook a reduced carb for tea and x by 3 so it will do our lunches as well - real time saver! Now that we have finished we do a lucky dip of exercises, adding in extra abs every day. The plan has made us both realise just how much food we should be eating and how it really balances the shape of your body. We will continue with all the principles for sure. The hardest part, now we have finished, is the drink. We went to a party and surprisingly got very drunk very quickly (cheap date!) - amazing how your body loses all tolerance for something. This is similar for 'junk' food, it really upsets my tummy and would much rather have a Joe's mighty meatball sub! Or 1 of many of the different 'junky' recipes.... Mac N Cheese, Nachos, Mexican burger etc. The food is 'normal' food - both my husband and I have always felt like we are far from on a diet, it really is the perfect lifestyle plan."

The New 90 Day Plan

Joe, 12 Days Ago


"I started the 90 day plan because my fitness regime had gotten stale and I wanted to try something new. The plan changed my diet straight away and the first cycle was a shock to the system but the workouts were really enjoyable and kept me going. As I progressed through the plan I looked forward to the simple tasty food and workouts that always provided a new challenge. I've seen great results in my body shape and fitness but more so in making smarter choices day to day in my diet and exercise. Do it, enjoy it and don't look back."

The New 90 Day Plan

Ashley, 12 Days Ago


"I started this journey as I am getting married in August this year and needed to get motivated to get into shape and feel more myself. The 90 day plan has been amazing! Each cycle's exercises does different, but dramatic things to your body, and you can really feel it making you stronger and fitter. The food on each cycle is so tasty and easy to make, but the swaps option is great to change things up, which I found really helped along the way. If you're thinking about starting the 90 day plan, just do it! It gets you thinking about food and exercise in a way that can be sustained into the future. I have continued onto the Graduate Plan which maintains and builds on everything in the 90 day plan and more. Good luck! "

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