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Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Charlie, Today

"My experience of the 90 day plan has been life changing as well as shape changing. I didn't expect it to be, especially as I found the first months' food plan pretty tough, but it''s become completely normal to the extent that I don't even think about the food now. It just seems to happen. I've still got a way to go, but it doesn't feel as though that's going to be a struggle. "

Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Adam, 4 Days Ago

"I'm so happy and genuinely proud of my results after my 90 days. While at uni, I managed to put on 3 stone thanks to pizzas, a 24 hour petrol station, and bing eating running up to deadlines. I'm so happy I'm now at the weight I was when I started uni. It was surprising to lose so much weight when I ate my body weight in cheese- but it's possible. I enjoyed seeing my stamina and strength gain when working out, and managed to lose all the weight without stepping into a gym. Thanks to the info I gained at the end of the plan, I'm confident I'll continue to lose more. Ps Thai green curry is ace 👌 "

Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Harry, 6 Days Ago

"Throughout my time on the 90 day SSS Plan I found all of the recipes enjoyable and never boring, the hardest part in the beginning is the meal prepping especially with a 6 month old baby, but once I did it for a few weeks you soon become used to it. Cycle one was my favourite as I loved the food and the amount of energy I had. I have purchased the SAS PLAN but for now will be enjoying my Christmas and starting in the new year. I highly recommend the 90 day SSS plan for anyone struggling with weight loss and energy levels! "

Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Lisa, 6 Days Ago

"nyone wanting to get lean, fit and healthy this is the plan for you!!!"

Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Aaron, 7 Days Ago

"I've heard of the Body Coach a few years ago and always followed him and tried the odd recipe but the program looked daunting but over the summer thought it was about time to finally do something about my weight having gone up and down over the years. Although I eat healthily, I just ate the wrong foods at the wrong times. I couldn't believe C1 being in and out of the gym with in 35 mins and eating copious amounts of food and losing weight after it had finished. C2 was good to introduce carbs and weight training. C3 are the killer sessions with the volume of training required. Overall I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about losing weight, getting lean or wanting to have a healthier lifestyle. My long term goal was to never get super lean, as that wasn't going to happen in 90 days for someone of my size but I'm more than happy with the results I've achieved so far and taken back by the comments I receive from colleagues and friends about my appearance. The 5am starts might not be for everyone but I soon settled in to the routine that worked for me doing my training before work, I even started to cycle to the gym. I did'nt miss one training session, but I would say I stuck to meals 80% of the time, minus 2 weddings, a day on the beers and odd the meal out. Prepping and planning is the key.....and bit of determination."

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