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Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Jim, Yesterday

"I have followed the Lean In 15 books since the beginning and have always enjoyed cooking from them with my partner. On occasion I would try the odd HIIT workout, but without any real structure. I was intrigued to try out the 90sssplan for a while and finally decided I would give it a go before my wedding in May. So I signed up and was instantly daunted by the food prep and exercise schedule! But after the first week of Cycle 1, it didn't take long to adjust to the "Lean In" ways and really give this thing a go. I pretty much stuck to the plan (with the odd few guilty days!) and loved the introduction to weights in Cycle 2. I'm really happy with the results I got by the end of Cycle 3 and plan to continue using what I've learnt in the program to further my progression in the future."

Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Rebecca, Yesterday

"Wow, I can't believe the 90 days are over already, I have learnt so much, and made such progress. This is just the beginning though, rather than the end, as I now know how to go about continuing to make the progress that I want! I've now reached the goal weight that I have wanted to get back to for years, but that I couldn't reach on my own, however, while doing the plan I have discovered that this is no longer what I am aiming for, but instead a lean, toned, fit and healthy body, and I now know how to get it! I'm so pleased that I signed up as I couldn't have made this much progress on my own. It's been great having a plan to stick to, and although I've not followed it 100% (too many birthdays and other celebrations!) I've discovered that it's possible to make progress with a few naughty treats now and again, and I now know how to make better choices when eating out. I was concerned that if I stuck to the plan religiously then I wouldn't be able to sustain it after finishing, but with sticking to the workouts 100% and the food about 90% I've found I can still have some treats along the way. Thanks so much to Joe and the Body Coach team for the plan, it's completely changed how I workout and fuel my body!"

4 Week Progress and Super Lean Winner!

Mario, Yesterday

"My names Mario and Im 28 years young. Ive just completed my 1st cycle under Joe Wicks 90 SSS plan and can honestly say I have loved every second of it! Ive always been a fitness fanatic and eaten fairly cleanly. Ive never followed a plan though and never been able to build lean muscle as much as I would like too! I watched a transformation video of a guy who was in a similar situation to me and had a similar body type. When I saw his results I was gobsmacked! He looked incredible! I knew I was going to struggle with the food prep. Im always on the go being a Bricklayer full time but its actually only a small change of routine. I tend to do half my prep on a Sunday afternoon and on a Wednesday evening. Job done! I really was shocked with the amount of food you have to eat as well, there is so much green veg its crazy!! But after the 1st week I started to see a real change in my stomach muscles and I really did feel so so good for it! I would recommend this plan to anyone who wants a challenge that really does show quick results! The HIIT training as well is a real test of endurance! I thought I was a very fit guy untill I started doing Joes workouts. They really do push you and they are hard graft but you feel fantastic after them! All I can say is bring on the weight training in cycle 2!!! "

4 Week Progress and Super Lean Winner!

Daniel, Yesterday

"I have found Cycle 1 intriguing. The first week I found myself with an enormous amount of energy compared to how sluggish I used to feel. Week 2 I began to feel better about my body inside and out and felt I was starting to progress. Not only does the food taste good, the portions were massive and didn’t leave me hungry until week 3 where I’d adapted to this. As someone that didn’t expect much from Cycle 1 (as I aim to gain muscle as oppose to lose weight as such), I’m extremely impressed with my results."

8 Week Progress and Super Lean Winner!

Ewan, Yesterday

"After cycle one I was feeling quite motivated, mainly due to the loss of inches but also because of a fresh new routine. When I received cycle two I contacted my support coach to pull out of the plan as I couldn't manage the pick and mix options and I got into a fluster. The SC sent me a very motivational email and gave me some tips which I figured I should really try before giving up, to be fair to both myself and the plan. Here we are thirty days later and I'm fitter, faster, leaner and the happiest I've felt since my teens. I really do believe in this plan, it's like going back to school but this time we are learning about the most neglected yet important thing-how to look after our bodies. Thank you Nella, you are a star!"

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