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Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Lean Winner, Yesterday

"Well what a ride! It's far from over but I'm getting there! Cycle 2 was my favourite by far, not because of the Carbs but because the balance between HIIT & free weights suited me. Some days I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! Some days... I did both! I am so happy with my results of 19lb lost & 14 inches over all. I had great support from my family. Sorry to all those who heard nothing from me but chicken, Spinach & Protein shakes! Thanks to Joe & your team for making this happen. Bring on the bikini body!"

4 Week Progress and Super Lean Winner!

Lean Winner, Yesterday

"The first cycle of my 90 day journey is exactly what I needed to get motivated. It's been easy in places and hard in others. I've tried to stick to everything, even to the last gram of butter, but there were some days which didn't go to plan. As as Joe says though, don't let one bad day become a bad week. I didn't let any bad habits take over and I am extremely happy with my results. After my first HIIT session I thought I couldn't do it again, but it gets easier the more you do. Despite being told not to, I stood on the naughty step a few times and I must emphasis this is a bad move. My weight creeped up and down constantly, most likely due to what time of day I weighed myself. If I have any advise, I'd say just go off how you feel. The inches have dropped off me so even though I may have not lost loads of weight, my waist is the best it's been in years. Coupled with the fantastic support of my wife, who has been prepping like an absolute boss the entire time, I don't think I'd be this ready for cycle 2 if it wasn't for her. I'm now looking forward to continuing the journey and improving my health, strength and fitness."

4 Week Progress and Super Lean Winner!

Brian, Yesterday

"Biggest challenge for me with Cycle 1 was getting used to prepping your lunches in advance. Before starting the plan, I like a lot of people would have grabbed whatever lunch was available. Some soup, a shop bought sandwich or some leftovers from the night before. No sooner had I eaten it and I would be hungry again because it didnt contain the nutritional requirements to keep me fuller for longer. That all changed with the recipes from C1. Having 3 meals plus 2 snacks means you no longer have the urge to reach for the biscuit tin ! My favourite thing about C1? Saturday morning HIIT followed by the ultimate build up bagel! Guiillltttyy!!! Bring on C2, can't wait"

8 Week Progress and Super Lean Winner!

Morgan, Yesterday

"So glad I finished this cycle I really struggled with the amount of food I had to eat It went against all the years of dieting and what I thought I had to do to loose weight Again Joe has shown me what I need to do to fuel my body I'm still breastfeeding my 5month old and getting up several times a night but I still manage to hit the gym every morning It's a great time for me to myself and hit out the weights Iv had to restart a week as my kids have had the chicken pox but it didn't stop me trying my hardest I wouldn't say Iv stuck to the food as living gets in the way but iv stuck to potions which is the main thing for me Thanks Joe Bring on cycle 3"

8 Week Progress and Super Lean Winner!

Sarah, Yesterday

"I really enjoyed cycle 2. I loved the pick and mix menu and all the carbs. I did occasionally get a bit bloated but it was something I had expected. I enjoyed the workouts and the introduction of weights which is something I've never done before. I liked choosing my own hiit exercises and I even downloaded a hiit timer app. I did find I had to have a lot of self-discipline to really push myself to make sure I was getting the most out of each workout without having a video to follow like in cycle 1, but I soon got into the new routine of hiit and weight training. I learnt where my strengths and weaknesses were with the weight training, and added weight when I felt ready. I didn't really lose many inches and I was worried I hadn't made much progress in this cycle until my boyfriend pointed out the all the muscles I've gained so far! I'm continuing to get stronger, fitter and healthier and can't wait for the next cycle. I started the plan because my PCOS symptoms were at the worst they've been in 3 years. The weight I'd gained and my processed food diet had caused my hormones to go into overdrive and my mood was at an all-time low because of it. Deciding to actually take the plunge and start the plan was the hardest part for me - far harder than either of the cycles have been. But I can say it's the best decision I've ever made and I love my new lifestyle."

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