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8 Week Progress and Super Lean Winner!

Lisa, Yesterday

"Woohoo, i'm getting muscle. I LOVED this cycle. The pick 'n' mix options with the food was great and so much easier to prepare. I'm not very adventurous in the kitchen and made some odd creations at times but the food was so tasty and I was never hungry. I thought having more carbs would bloat me but it didn't. The workouts were great, I love working with weights and it was great to have exercises that targeted all my body. I loved challenging myself each week to increase my weights. The mix of HIIT and weights was great, although the workouts did take longer, I came away feel pumped and stronger. My skin, hair, even my nails have improved, I have slept better and i've had to start buying new clothes because my old ones are too big. I have loved the last two cycles and I can't wait for cycle 3. "

4 Week Progress and Super Lean Winner!

Jade, Yesterday

"So the first 4 weeks have not been easy!! I'm your typical "i want to lose weight fast girl", I've tried all of the diets out there... 5 days in and i was stepping on the sad step! I wasn't seeing any change, i was so close to giving up. So i decided to take pictures as the weeks went by, and I'm so glad that i did!! Even though I've actually gained 1lb, I've lost 9 inches in total!! 3.5 of those off my waist and i couldn't be happier!! This isn't a diet but its a life style change and I'm so ready to see what results i get in cycle 2!! "

Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Lean Winner, Yesterday

"I'm so pleased with my results. I know I have long way to go but now I know I can do it. I straggled the last cycle as Christmas came along and I had times when I was off plan but even with treats I still managed to shrink and gain muscle. I found it hard to fine time to train and that is long term goal that I would like to change. The side of food is no a problem for me. I now enjoy eating healthily it now became habit. "

Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Lean Winner, Yesterday

"I loved the whole experience! I feel fitter, stronger and more confident! My kids love that mummy has muscles. thank you for transforming my mind and body."

Graduate and Super Lean Winner!

Lean Winner, 4 Days Ago

"Well, it's been a tough but enjoyable journey. I've enjoyed the food as a whole and the exercise has been really good, particularly the weights. I've never seen such a noticeable change to my body (a way to go on my legs though!) I've certainly never had abs before! I feel much leaner and stronger but more importantly fitter and more confident. "

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