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The New 90 Day Plan
Cycle 1 Progress

William, Yesterday

"This is my second time on the plan. I got truly amazing results 12 months ago but unfortunately I picked up an injury and so couldn't train for 4 months. Having said that I still maintained the dietary side of things until the birth of my second child in October and then the Christmas festivities set me back quite a bit. When I got the offer to try the new plan in January I was delighted as I knew that the SSS plan is the perfect all round package, not only for weight loss but also a real lifestyle change. I am delighted with my progress so far, if anything it's even better than the first time around. My advice would be to just be 100% honest with yourself and know that one (or 2 or 3) slip up(s) isn't the end of the world, so long as you get right back on it. Can't wait for cycles 2 & 3."

8 Week Progress and Super Lean Winner!

Lean Winner, 2 Days Ago

"I have been looking at all the transformations on The Body Coach FB page and thinking wow! After training with a PT a couple of years ago and gaining fab results, I let myself slip back and put the weight back on. I restarted PT but wasn't seeing big results and I knew food was the key. Finally, in September last year I bit the bullet and decided to sign up to the 90 Day SSS plan. Well it's safe to say I got a shock with what I was doing wrong, but with all the information and recipes I got started. Everybody goes on about planning your food, but it is so true! I really enjoyed seeing and feeling the difference to my body during cycles 1 and 2. But, towards the end of cycle 2 I realised that something wasn't quite right. HORMONES, quite simply! I am only 40 but my hormones are on a mission! My hormones have been all over the place and this has had a huge impact on me since the beginning of December and cycle 3. Although I have continued with some training, my motivation has lacked and food cravings have been so hard to control depending on where my hormones are. I am now feeling like I am regaining control of my body and have got back on the plan, I will be submitting those results for cycle 3 with the body I want! "

The New 90 Day Plan
Cycle 1 Progress

Charlie, 3 Days Ago

"My experince in cycle 1 was very informative as well as simple and easy to follow. As my first 30 days went on I learnt that all it takes is a couple of small changes each day that add up to a big difference. After every H.I.I.T session i felt great and was looking forward to the next one! I do a big prep on Sunday and cook all my meals for the week and then its done and it gives me my evenings back during the week. The chicken cashew curry was my favourite meal and one that I will contine to eat well after my 90 days are up. Looking forward to seeing what cycle 2 has in store now!"

The New 90 Day Plan
Cycle 1 Progress

Bethan, 3 Days Ago

"My journey so far....My husband describes me as a skinny fat and although I have always done some sort of exercise at 44 years old I was beginning to think that I wasn't doing enough. So as a lovely xmas present my husband bought me the Joe Wicks 90 day plan! It's brilliant! All the recipes are easy to follow, favourites from C1 PBJ smoothie, lemon and pork herb schnitzel and chicken cashew curry. I'm never hungry and I have much more energy. Workouts can be quite tough, but training live with Joe makes it much easier to follow. A month on apart from feeling a lot more energised I didn't think there was going to be much difference... Until I compared my before and after pics, I can definitely see a difference around the belly area in the side on pic. I'm just waiting for my C2 plan to arrive and can't wait to get started. "

The New 90 Day Plan
Cycle 1 Progress

Angela , 4 Days Ago

"Back in 2016 I failed miserably on the plan. I wasn't in the right frame of mind at that time. Fast forward to 2018 .... the new plan is fantastic, can't believe how much food I can eat and enjoy without feeling guilty. The food is great, my husband who isn't on the plan is really enjoying the food too. There is lots of choice and loving that there is a choose your own option which makes the plan so flexible. Love the buffalo chicken and the turkey meatballs. So enjoying the Hiit sessions, actually look forward to them! Never thought that would happen, the sessions are tough but enjoyable. So determined to succeed this time and amazed at the results after just 30 days. Clothes that haven't fitted for months are now fitting easily! This plan is working so well, bloody love Joe Wicks! "

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