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The New 90 Day Plan
Cycle 1 Progress

Angela , Today

"Back in 2016 I failed miserably on the plan. I wasn't in the right frame of mind at that time. Fast forward to 2018 .... the new plan is fantastic, can't believe how much food I can eat and enjoy without feeling guilty. The food is great, my husband who isn't on the plan is really enjoying the food too. There is lots of choice and loving that there is a choose your own option which makes the plan so flexible. Love the buffalo chicken and the turkey meatballs. So enjoying the Hiit sessions, actually look forward to them! Never thought that would happen, the sessions are tough but enjoyable. So determined to succeed this time and amazed at the results after just 30 days. Clothes that haven't fitted for months are now fitting easily! This plan is working so well, bloody love Joe Wicks! "

The New 90 Day Plan
Cycle 1 Progress

Lean Winner, Today

"I originally did Joe's plan in 2015 and so very much enjoyed it. I kept to most of principles for about a year however, it's been a slippery slope since then with trying to be good during the week but over indulging weekend which then crept in to week days as well. I decided enough was enough when I couldn't fit into any of my clothes after Christmas 😢 . In Joe's new plan I love the training session videos that come with it. I find "prepping like a boss" on a Sunday is the key for me. Thai veg curry and chicken cashews are particular favourites this really keeps me from temptation (although I still have a very small treat at weekends) but the BEST thing about the plan is I AM NEVER HUNGRY. "

8 Week Progress and Super Lean Winner!

Sharon , Yesterday

"AS for my experience, I would say cycle 1 was fine, delicious food, really easy to fit in exercise, the weight dropped off. Cycle 2 came as a shock for several reasons 1) I had taken a break over Christmas so had to get back into it 2) I found breakfast so hard! I usually eat cereal, really basic cereal like plain porridge, but the lack of a slightly sweet option on cycle 2 was a shock! I couldn't get my head around eating Quorn mince for breakfast but finally decided on making a kind of smoothie with tofu, Greek yogurt, cinnamon and nut butter (for rest days) and then having that with my bowl full of steamed veg and then I was fine. 3) The exercise is so much longer in cycle 2 so I couldn't just got it in quickly while my baby was in her bouncy chair any more so I had to change the time in the day I exercised. That said, I was determined to do it so took some time getting my head around everything and went for it. I just made it work for me and I even found that I coped much better with the pick and mix style of cooking than I thought I would as I just used things that I knew went together like tomatoes, herbs, onions and peppers to make a sauce or Greek yogurt and spinach together with Quorn meatballs. For me this is not just about getting my body back after my two children but about getting a better body than I had before! Come on cycle 3! "

4 Week Progress and Super Lean Winner!

Jo, Yesterday

"I knew diet coupled with training was key to losing weight, toning up and getting fit, however...I couldn't seem to control my eating habits! Binging and yo-yo dieting were regular occurrences for me so I decided to embark on the 90 Day SSS plan, hoping Joe could teach me some self-control, and I'm so glad I did! I train (mostly HIIT) at a brilliant gym so didn't want to stop that but continuing this in earnest, with the SSS food plan has made all the difference - I can finally see my body starting to change like it never has before and my fitness levels are increasing rapidly. I feel lighter and leaner and all round better in just 4 weeks! Being a vegetarian who doesn't eat fish, I must admit, I struggled at first but with help from the support heroes, I made swaps here and there and now I feel totally prepared to move onto cycle 2 knowing I can and want to make sensible yet tasty food choices. The plan has already taught me so much about food, nutrition and what my body needs and eating well, very quickly and easily, becomes a lifestyle without you even realising you're missing cakes!"

The New 90 Day Plan
Cycle 1 Progress

Gavin, Yesterday

"I've followed Joe's exercises and recipes online for a very long time but decided to commit to his 90 day plan at the start of the year to get in shape and become healthier inside and out. I have tried various other fitness regimes in the past but never really "enjoyed" them, with the 90 Day Plan I have so far absolutely loved every minute of it as I can tailor it around my life and work easily! I love the variety across the plan [even if I have had the PBJ Smoothie pretty much every morning for the past month its SO scrummy!] and the exercises are challenging but achievable. My advice to any would be leaners is keep things simple to start with, check the Facebook Group as everyone on there is super encouraging and helpful, don't be disheartened if you don't lose "weight" we are losing fat and building muscle! and the main thing to remember is after month 1 when you look back and see how far you have come and have family, friends and colleagues commenting on how amazing you look. All that sweat, aching, prepping and cursing Joe for putting you through your paces will of been more than worth it!"

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