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What we learnt on the Body Coach 90 Day Plan

Posted by Joe Wicks in Fitness

Some of our Body Coach graduates reveal the surprising things they discovered while following the 90 Day Plan.

From eating well, binning the scales and falling in love with exercise, we asked people who'd gradutated from the Body Coach 90 Day Plan to share the surprising benefits and mindset changes they discovered while following the plan. 

Grilled halloumi, pepper and lentil salad from the Veggie 90 Day Plan

Cooking and discovering new food is fun

“Following Joe has made me enjoy spending time in the kitchen and cooking my own meals. I'm loving all the new recipes and trying foods I've never tried before. Last week I had halloumi from the veggie plan for the first time – I absolutely loved it."

- 90 Day Plan Graduate Dave Matthews, 30

You don't need to be a slave to the sad step

“Dropping numbers on the scales doesn't show the strength of mind and positivity you gain from this plan. It doesn't show changes in body shape and composition either. Them sad step is just that. Sad."

- 90 Day Plan Graduate Tamsin Pengelly, 51

'Me time' is possible

“I've discovered that I really can take time out for myself to do a HIIT session and my children survive! Mummy doing her exercises, is now part of their routine."

- 90 Day Plan Graduate Jillian Wilson, 38

Don't compare yourself, celebrate yourself

“We're all different and we all have different commitments. There's no point getting disheartened if someone seems to be getting fitter quicker or eating more healthily, give yourself a huge pat on the back for even committing to this."

- 90 Day Plan Graduate Claire Dowell

There's no need to fear carbs

“Carbs are not the enemy. I've spent years working out but not fuelling my body properly. Now I'm eating more than I ever have – including carbs – and I'm lean, fit, strong and healthy."

- 90 Day Plan Graduate Wendy Grainger, 35

It doesn't take hours to get fit and lean

“The Body Coach plan is teaching me how to build lifetime habits with regular exercise that doesn't require off-putting hours of commitment. Consistency is key."

- 90 Day Plan Graduate Michelle Coco, 44

Your mental health gets a boost

“Doing what's right for your body has a positive impact on your mental health, focus and energy levels. Drastically reducing the nasties I used to feed myself on a regular basis and doing solid workouts five times a week has made me more able to deal with life in general."

- 90 Day Plan Graduate Linda Jane, 29

You miss exercise when you can't do it

“Even though I'm still not a morning person, getting up 30 mins early to do a HIIT session really does put me in a better mood for the rest of the day. After a minor op I had to go a few days without exercise and I really missed it."

- 90 Day Plan Graduate Victoria Crookes, 38

Eating well is enjoyable

“Clean eating doesn't mean plain, boring food or unsustainable portion sizes. Healthy food can still be delicious and I'm eating more than ever. I understand what my body needs and when and how to fuel it, and I actually enjoy being healthy and mindful. Looking after yourself makes you feel great, who knew?"

- 90 Day Plan Graduate Kirstina Foot, 26

Anyone can make progress – even if you've never exercised before

“It doesn't matter where you start, anyone can make progress with discipline and dedication. I'd never been someone who exercised – ever – but now I get up and smash it five times a week. Best of all, I feel amazing!"

- 90 Day Plan Graduate Hannah Harrison, 37


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