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Stock your kitchen with these hero ingredients

Posted by Joe Wicks in Recipes

One of the first steps you can take on your journey to a healthier, leaner body is to cut out all the foods that are dragging your energy levels down and your body fat levels up.

A great way to get started is to clear all the junk out of your kitchen and finally give your body the chance to start burning stored fat. This includes all processed ready meals, refined sugars, fizzy drinks, snacks and booze. Without this stuff in the house, you are less likely to be tempted by bad food choices.

So now that you've got rid of all the foods that are holding you back, it's time to load the kitchen with ingredients that are going to fuel your body to burn fat and get you lean.

Here are some of my hero ingredients that I always make sure I have in the kitchen:

Eggs – the home of healthy fats and good any time of day.

Coconut oil – a natural saturated fat, perfect for cooking.

Coconut milk – ideal for whipping up a curry in a hurry.

Avocado – the green goddess packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fat.

Feta cheese – because it tastes unreal on almost anything at any time.

Sweet potatoes – because I love making mash, fries and fritters. 

Blueberries – I love them on my pancakes or oats and they are full of antioxidants.

Chillies – dried or fresh, they bring spice to your life.

Spinach – Popeye used it to get strong and so do I.

Midget trees – broccoli is packed with important vitamins, and the trees are fun to talk to. Carrots with dips are great for snacking.

Herbs and spices – read about the herbs and spices that will shake-up your cooking and that also have awesome health benefits.

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Credit: This article is part of an extract from my new book 'Lean in 15 - The Shape', out now in paperback, RRP £14.99 (Bluebird). Recipe image ©Maja Smend. 

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Joe Wicks

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Joe Wicks is the online nutrition coach inspiring people all over the world to cook with his #Leanin15 video meals on Instagram. He is also transforming the lives of thousands of people with his tailored online nutrition plan, The 90 Day Shift, Shape & Sustain plan.

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