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A note to everyone who's having an 'I want to quit day'

Posted by Joe Wicks in Wellbeing

Transforming your eating and exercise habits isn't easy. Sometimes you'll have no motivation and all you'll want to do is lay the sofa with a Games of Thrones boxset and a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. We all have days when we fall off the lean wagon. But what matters most is that we get back on...

This is a quick note for all of you out there who are having an "I want to quit day." 

Everyone has bad days. 

Like when you wake up and look in the mirror and feel like you’re not making any progress and nothing has changed. 

Or when you look on Instagram and see someone else’s transformation and get frustrated because you feel like you haven’t made as much progress.

There'll be days when you stand on the scales and get upset when they haven't moved as much as you want them to (click here to see my blog on why it’s time to ditch the scales). 

Or maybe you’ve had a bad day of eating and feel like you've undone all your hard work. 

The truth is you will have good days and bad days on this journey.

You'll have happy days and emotional days. 

You'll have days when you absolutely smash a HIIT session, and days when you'll struggle to get going.

There'll be days when you’ll crave junk food or want a sneaky chocolate bar after work - and some days you might give in. 

You'll have days when the alarm clock will go off and you can't be arsed to train and you’ll hit snooze five times.

But guess what? We’ve all been there. This is all totally normal stuff that everyone goes through when they're trying to change their exercise and food habits. 

It's an ongoing journey and the bad days don’t mean you should quit. 

Whatever your head is telling you just remember: you ARE making progress everyday.

So work hard and don't give up. Fat loss is a journey not a race.

Tomorrow is a new day, so get up and get back in control. Smash your HIIT session, prep your lunch like a boss and get back on the wagon and be a lean winner.


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