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Lean In 15 FAQs

Posted by Joe Wicks in Fitness, Wellbeing


1. How many times a week do you train?

I do HIIT 4-5 times a week.


2. Is 20-25 minutes of HIIT really enough to get you lean?

If you work hard enough 20 minutes of HIIT is more than enough. If you're consistent and you fuel your body with the right food you will get lean.


3. Why do you shout in your Lean In 15 videos?

I started doing it and now I can’t stop. I know, it’s annoying isn't it.


4. How do you stay motivated to exercise? 

Exercise makes me feel good. It gives me more energy and I'm more productive throughout the day. I’m also more likely to stay on track and fuel my body with good food after I exercise.


5. What’s that white stuff you cook your food in?

Lucy Bee coconut oil.


6. I live outside of the UK, can I still do your 90 Day SSS Plan?

Sure, I have people all over the world winning on the plan. More details here: 90 Day SSS Plan.


7. What HIIT timer do you use?

It’s called ‘Seconds’ and it’s on the AppStore.


8. When is your new fitness DVD coming out?

My first fitness DVD is out December 26th in the UK. You can pre-order it here: http://amzn.to/2hfJ1aZ


9. When is the best time to workout?

The best time to train is whenever works best for you. It’s all about fitting it into your lifestyle.


10. What’s the difference between your books and the 90 Day SSS Plan?

The 90 Day SSS Plan is tailored to your individual body and energy requirements.


11. What do you eat before you train?

I like to train fasted early in the morning and then refuel afterwards.


12. What’s your favourite food?

I do love a good burger.


13. What do you eat when you get guilty?

I love a tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. So sue me.


14. What protein powder do I use?

MyProtein Impact whey protein.


15. Do I need to join a gym to follow your plan?

No, you can smash your workouts and get lean anywhere. You can do most of the workouts on my YouTube channel at home with no equipment. Try one here: https://www.youtube.com/c/thebodycoachtv


Find out more about the 90 Day SSS Plan here: 90 Day SSS Plan.

Check out my YouTube channel here for weekly fat burning HIIT workouts: Subscribe to The Body Coach TV.


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Joe Wicks

About Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is the online nutrition coach inspiring people all over the world to cook with his #Leanin15 video meals on Instagram. He is also transforming the lives of thousands of people with his tailored online nutrition plan, The 90 Day Shift, Shape & Sustain plan.

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