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How I stay on track: Body Coach graduates

Posted by Joe Wicks in Fitness, Recipes

We all have them, those days where you want to sack off the workout, veg on the sofa and chow down on a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Or perhaps you've eaten healthily all week, been to the gym, but feel like throwing in the towel because you just don't feel like you're making progress.


If you do fall off the fitness wagon though, try not to stress - we all have days where our motivation and willpower go out the window. But the best thing to do is get straight back on it. And when the 'I want to quit' demons strike, try some of these motivational tactics from Body Coach Graduates.

I use photos to track my progress

"To show how far I've come I have my original photo stuck on my bathroom mirror with the words 'Make progress or make excuses' printed above it. I see it first thing, before and after training, several times during the day, then last thing at night and it motivates me to keep going."

~ 90 Day Plan Graduate Scott Renton, 51

I remind myself that this is MY journey

"Don't look at everyone else's journey and feel deflated if you don't get similar results, it's your journey. Try to keep a positive mindset."

~ 90 Day Plan Graduate, Corrine Seabourne, 38

I remember my goals

"On a tricky day I remember why I started the plan and remind myself of my original goal – to feel confident in my bikini on holiday. I ask myself 'What is my why?', and remind myself that I'm closer today than I was yesterday."

~ 90 Day Plan Graduate, Georgia Fitzpatrick, 21

I think back to that first workout

"I remember how hard that first workout felt and how much I don't want to go back there and have to start all over again."

~ 90 Day Plan Graduate, Rachael Orme-Smith, 48

I try and be realistic about any hiccups

"One thing I read on the 90 Day Plan community group that really stuck with me was, 'Each cycle consists of 90 meals. One bad one can be overcome. Don't let it become too many more.' I find it really helpful to remember that."

~ 90 Day Plan Graduate, Darrell Sykes, 42

 Spicy bean nachos from The Veggie 90 Day Plan

I don't let a bad day become a bad week

"I always say a bad day doesn't ruin anything, nor does a meal out. If you have to eat a less healthy option, stick to the plan principles and enjoy your food. Wake up tomorrow and get straight back on plan."

~ 90 Day Plan Graduate, Jonny Rate, 33

I think about how bad quitting will make me feel

"During the plan I wrote down everything I ate and every workout I did – even when I went off plan – and recorded how I felt each day. I noticed a big correlation between eating crap and doing no exercise, and feeling crap. I was much less tempted to quit because I knew how it'd make me feel."

~ 90 Day Plan Graduate, Holly Grant, 48


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