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How I keep it lean when I'm travelling

Posted by Joe Wicks in Wellbeing

Keeping lean whilst on the move is always a challenge but it's not impossible. Here are a few obstacles that I try to overcome to make or maintain progress while I'm travelling.

Hotel gym in Brisbane

Obstacle 1: The hotel breakfast buffet

I always avoid the croissants, muffins and sugary cereals and instead go for a fatty breakfast like scrambled eggs with some feta cheese, ham, olives and some nuts. 

Obstacle 2:  The workout  

If you don't have a gym in your hotel that's not a valid excuse to skip a workout. You can do a hotel HIIT in your room for 20 minutes or find a hill outside and do some hill sprints. This is really essential if you want to have a few extra treats in the day and stay lean. My advice is try to get your workout done early in the morning before breakfast as you are more inclined to make better food choices after a session. It also really helps with jet lag.

Try this hotel HIIT workout:

 Obstacle 3: Lunch and dinner 

Unless you are in a self-catered hotel it's very hard to prep food and very unlikely too. This is where you are faced with those difficult menu decisions. No matter where you eat there is always a lean option on the menu. Don't overthink it too much and get worried if the meals are not "on plan". As long as you follow the principles you'll be fine and can still burn fat. I normally have chicken, steak or fish with a big salad or market greens. If it's a post workout meal I'll add carbs like mash potato or rice. 

Obstacle 4: Water and hydration

I don't drink fizzy drinks or juice much at home but for some reason when I'm travelling and in the sun I always crave lemon Fanta, orange juice and a cold bottle of Coke with my meal. This is one way of really increasing your daily calorie intake without even realising it. I just remind myself that I would rather eat my calories than drink them so I get on the water as soon as I wake up and avoid the sugary drinks as much as possible. 

Read my blog about hydration here: Drink yourself healthy and lean

Obstacle 5 : The booze 

Now this is where most people struggle, and for me personally if I get lit on a night out I usually fail every time at the previous four obstacles. I lose motivation to train and eat right when I'm hanging. My advice? Get steamboat and have fun but don't get too boozy every night.

I wrote this about drinking alcohol on my plan: Can I still drink alcohol on your plan?


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