Can I still drink alcohol on your plan?

Posted by Joe Wicks - 507 Days Ago in: Fitness, Wellbeing

I get asked this question a lot.

One of the first things I get my clients to consider when trying to get lean and healthy is to increase their water intake and maintain a good level of hydration. A reasonable target would be between two and four litres of water per day (if you really struggle here, try adding fresh lemon or lime for a twist of flavour; avoid drinks that are high in sugar). Clients inevitably ask, ‘Can I still drink alcohol on your plan?’ My answer is always the same: ‘Yes, sure you can, but the less you booze, the leaner you will get.’ That said, I don’t want you to feel like you need to cut alcohol out of your life completely, because that’s unrealistic and unnecessary. I certainly don’t. Parties, weddings, birthdays and work events will always get in your way, so just find a balance and do what it takes to earn the body you want.


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