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I get lots of people ask me for breakfast ideas so I thought I'd round-up some of my most popular videos from Instagram to give you a bit of inspiration...

Let's talk about breakfast ...

Yes, you can have pancakes for breakfast and still get lean!


1. Cauliflower drop scones with smoked salmon and poached eggs. Click here for the full recipe.


2. Sweet potato hash brown with bacon, kale and poached eggs


3. Protein pancakes. Oooh, I can eat pancakes and get lean? Yes please - sold! 


My lean in 15 protein pancakes featuring a man who goes by the name of #Chesty 🤓🙌🏼 #leanin15 #Pancakes

A video posted by Joe Wicks #Leanin15 (@thebodycoach) on


4. Long live the build-up bagel


5. Chorizo with sweet potato, veggies and two fried eggs. (Left over Nandos chicken, optional) 


6. Overnight protein oats. This one is perfect if you're in a rush in the mornings. Click here for the full recipe


7. Carrot and courgette fritters with spinach and avocado 


8. Stuffed mushrooms with feta, tomatoes and egg


Try these stuffed mushrooms for breakfast today 🔥😀 low carb high fat fuel for your day ahead 🔥💪🏼

A video posted by Joe Wicks #Leanin15 (@thebodycoach) on


9. Baked eggs in avocado with bacon and midget trees 


Oooooh look some midget trees 🌳🌲😆 That's #Leanin15

A video posted by Joe Wicks #Leanin15 (@thebodycoach) on


10. Vegetable egg wrap with feta cheese


Try this low carb breakfast wrap with feta cheese and basil cooked in @lucybeecoconut oil 😍🔥 #Leanin15

A video posted by Joe Wicks #Leanin15 (@thebodycoach) on


And that right there, is #Leanin15


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Joe Wicks is the online nutrition coach inspiring people all over the world to cook with his #Leanin15 video meals on Instagram. He is also transforming the lives of thousands of people with his tailored online nutrition plan, The 90 Day Shift, Shape & Sustain plan.

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