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The new Veggie 90 Day Plan is here

The all new Veggie 90 Day Plan gives you everything you need to transform your body. 90+ incredible vegetarian recipes, 15 exclusive realtime workouts with Joe, live chat online support, and access to our official Facebook community group.

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The all new 90 Day Plan: What's Included

  • 90+ incredible new recipes
  • 15 exclusive new workouts with Joe
  • we tailor your portion sizes for you
  • online support through LiveChat
  • access to Facebook community Group

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The New 90 Day Plan
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The New 90 Day Plan

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What makes the
90 Day Plan different?

3 flexible meal and training plans

Designed to fit around you, choose when you train and what you eat. We’ve taken care of your calories for you.

New Plan,
New price

The new 90 Day Plan is full of brand new recipes and exclusive workouts. Transform your body for just over £8 per week.

Online support and community group

Get advice, tips and motivation to help you on your journey with access to our online support team and official community.

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Posted by Joe Wicks - 9 Days Ago

Broccoli and goats cheese crustless quiche

This broccoli and goats cheese quiche tastes sooooo good. It's one of the brand new recipes from my new Veggie 90 Day Plan.

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Posted by Joe Wicks - 14 Days Ago

The incredible power of a morning routine

"If you win the morning, you win the day" and in this post Kieran Alger speaks to the experts to find out why super successful people swear by a good morning routine and finds out how you too can cultivate one.

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Posted by Joe Wicks - 15 Days Ago

Try This Banging Mushroom Burger

You know I love a burger so I had to include one in my new Veggie Plan. This mushroom burger with lentils and chickpeas is so juicy and it tastes amazing.

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