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Smash your running goals in 2020

Posted by Joe Wicks in Fitness, Recipes

The new year is always a popular time for setting goals and a big one for many people is to sign up for a long-distance run, anything from a 5K to a full marathon.

Ben Davie has ran six marathons and in this blog he shares some of his top tips for running success.

Ben ran his 6th marathon in 2018.

Training should be a balance of all the right stuff

Of course, getting some good running mileage in is a crucial part of training for a long distance run, but I have found that implementing strength, mobility and flexibility training makes my running more efficient. I would recommend fitting a strength workout once a week, this can be bodyweight or using weights. 

Think about unilateral work (where you are strengthening each side of your body equally), for example this could be a split-squat. Try some yoga too, there are plenty of yoga videos on YouTube you can use – both will help to reduce the chance of injury and develop better breathing control and core strength for running.

Spend some time warming up before you run

I get it, if you are going for a long run you may have the mentality of ‘warming up as you go’, but try to get away from this. I recommend spending 5-10 minutes going through some dynamic movements to get your body prepared for the run. Doing this will help make your run a lot more enjoyable from the start.

Try running somewhere that inspires you

This doesn’t mean travelling to the Golden Gate Bridge or New York City - think of somewhere local that might inspire you. I often drive to Brighton on a Sunday morning and run along the seafront. It’s a 25 minute drive there but it’s well worth the journey.

Add some hill sprints into your training

Hill work can be a great way to improve your running. If you have not tried hill work before, start half way up and then work down so you aren’t running as far to start. Run up, walk down and repeat 10 times. Think about your running technique as go up and keep your core muscles active, driving the knees and focussing on controlling your breathing.

Mix things up

If you have the time, aim to include some cross training into your routine – a 30-minute swim once per week will be a great addition, this is low impact and will be sure to benefit your fitness levels. You could also include some cycling. Personally, I find cycling compliments my running and has massively improved my running strength.

Listen to a podcast

Music is the obvious choice when you're looking for something to help motivate you for a run, but sometimes I find that this can be over used. A podcast makes my runs go much quicker as I am listening to what is being said, focussing on something else other than how far I haven’t run.

Likewise, sometimes just thinking about your breathing, rather than having headphones in can be nice, mindful running. I think the key is to mix it up. 

Ultimately, I think the most important aspect of all of this is to enjoy your running and your training. Running can be very rewarding, build up gradually week on week and see you at the finish line….


Ben Davie is former fitness co-ordinator at The Body Coach. You can follow him on Instagram at @ben90davie.

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