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This brand new plan is the next phase in your journey to a fitter, stronger and leaner body.

With 20 new recipes, a new training plan and access to our support heroes, your continued success is guaranteed.

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The Plan

What is the 30 Day SAS Plan

The 30 Day SAS Plan which stands for Support and Sustain is a new monthly rolling program exclusive ONLY to 90 Day SSS Plan graduates.

Imagine, 20 new tasty recipes with the calories and macros all perfectly tailored to you ensuring success month on month.

Whether you are looking to add some lean mass, reduce your body fat or sustain your current physique this plan is right up your street.

What will I receive each Month?

  • 20 New Tailored Recipes
  • 1 New Workout Plan
  • Access to our dedicated Support Coach Heroes
  • Continued supplement advice (optional) with discount codes

* Please note, due to the training and structure of the 30 Day SAS Plan and therefore the demands on your body, the weekly calories/macronutrients contained within it will vary from your graduation report.


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