NEWS UPDATE: *** 1. Enrol in upcoming Body Coach Fastfeet Speed for Sport training for Kids at North Steyne Surf Club (on Manly Beach) *** 2. Team and private Speed and fitness training available *** 3. Book a POSTUREFIT® Body re-alignment session with Paul Collins incorporating a unique combination of trigger point and PNF stretching is now available for athletes of all age groups and ability levels in SYDNEY - Book Today *** FASTFEET® Speed for Sport™ Weekly Training coming throughout Sydney - Contact us to register your interest *** Call or email The Body Coach for all your coaching needs *** Or grab a copy of one of 25 x Fitness Books as part of The Body Coach Book Series available world-wide ***
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Watch The Body Coach - PAUL COLLINS racing NFL Star JARRYD HAYNE over 40yards.
New Dynamic Team Warm-up Routine for Rugby
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Paul Collins - Strength Training for Men - available at all major bookstores
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New Speed for Sport book by Paul Collins - available in all major book stores
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"Book a Fastfeet Speed for Sport "Private Coaching" Sessions for kids, teens and adults and all sporting teams of all ability levels. Limited spaces now available in the evenings as well as weekend training options and camps now available over summer from $220 per session. Learn how to maximise your speed potential with Australia's Body Coach Paul Collins...for more details click on "Contact us" tab with your request.

Waistline Workout - Diet & Exercise Plan


Discover how easy it is to achieve a slimmer body and trimmer waistline with this revolutionary 3-step weight loss program combining diet, exercise and lifestyle planning and motivation guidance that's so advanced, it's actually simple. In a nutshell, the "Waistline Workout", is a simple, easy-to-follow roadmap to healthy eating, proper exercise and increasing your energy levels with a 12-week workout plan.

Be guided by one of the world's leading Personal Trainers!

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CORE-FITNESS provides the latest cutting edge training regime with its breakthrough 'Cavity Based Training Approach' and Core-in-Motion Method (CIMM) delivered in a four phase progression for helping you achieve peak level fitness.

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View Abdominal Basics
View Belly Busters for Men
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Abdominal Training - 225pages 5-Step Weight Loss for Men Fitness Ball Training - 215 pages Kids Fitness - 238 pages Stretching Routines 217 pages Pilates Exercises 200 pages
View Speed for Sport
View Squash Basics
View Quickfeet
View Core Strength
View Yoga
View Thigh Busters
Speed for Sport - 318 pages Squash Fitness - 220 pages Dynamic warm up - 169 pages Core Strength - 360 pages Yoga & Stretching - 87 pages Weight Loss for Women
View Swim Strength
Dry-land Training used by Olympic & Paralympic Swimming Champions with over 700 pages of exercises. Excellent value for money!
New Kids SuperHero. The Body Coach Club for Kids
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3 New DVD's (1) Speed for Sport (2) Medicine Ball Training (3) Fitness Ball Training - are available below.

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SPEED for SPORT DVD - Click on cover for more details Fitness Ball DVD - click on cover for more details Medicine Ball DVD - click on cover for more details Womens Weight Loss Book & DVD Special - Firmer Thighs & Trimmer Waist Men's Weight Loss Book now available - click on cover for more details
Functional Fitness
Strength Training for Women
Power Training using your own body weight - click on cover for more details
Build you best mid-section ever - click on book cover for mored details
Stretching & Flexibility for Sport, Lifestyle, and Injury Prevention - Click on cover for more details
"Functional Fitness" provides step-by-step coaching advice and workouts utilizing body weight, fitness balls, medicine balls, plyometrics, resistance bands, stability and speed training equipment Women all over the world of all age groups are benefitting from this easy-to-apply Strength Training Book for the 'Girls' Build you most explosive body ever using your own body weight - click cover for more details Build you best ABS' ever - click on cover for more details Stretching & Flexibility for Sport, Lifestyle, and Injury Prevention - Click on cover for more details
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Guy Leech with Coach Collins

Paul Collins and Guy Leech combining their unique athletic and coaching skills

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Paul Collins, Australia's Personal Trainer™, is an Award winning personal trainer, best selling fitness and weight loss author, corporate keynote and seminar presenter and fitness trainer of Olympians and Paralympic world champions. More.........

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Find stretches and exercises for each muscle group throughout the body with the revolutionary Body Coach® Body Map System. Simply hover over one area of the body diagram and click to be taken to exercises. More.........

Corporate Programs – Courses, Seminars and Workshops
Paul Collins, Australia's Personal Trainer™ shows his audience the appropriate steps for getting your health back on track. Using his extensive coaching experience Paul has developed The Body for Success™ program, a simple prescription for living an active, healthy and stress-free lifestyle. More.........

Sports Fitness and Strength Training Programs
Choose your sport and get started – AFL, Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Golf, Hockey, Ice-Hockey, Kayaking, Martial Arts, Netball, Rowing, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Snow Skiing, Soccer, Softball, Squash, Surfing, Swimming, Table tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Polo Water-skiing, plus more. Simply choose your sport and find a pre-packaged fitness program or e-book of your choice to get started. More.........

Speed for Sport™
Learn the latest training techniques to help maximise your speed potential and gain that extra step over your competition with the revolutionary Fastfeet® and Quickfeet® Speed for Sport programs and revolutionary Speedhoop®. More.........

Fitness Programs
Take your fitness to a new level with a number of downloadable pre-packaged fitness and exercise programs for the first-time exerciser right through to the advanced participant. More.........

Kids Fitness
The new Kidstrength™ Youth Fitness Program provides a series of exercises and drills for improving fitness, core-strength, running technique, co-ordination and speed. More.........

Success Stories
Meet some of the many athletes, coaches, trainers and Olympians throughout the world who have benefited from Paul Collins and The Body Coach fitness programs. More.........

“Paul Collins is a supremely fit and healthy individual who loves nothing more than to motivate others to work towards the same goal” – Kieren Perkins, Olympic Champion. More…….

CEC Courses – Workshops and Seminars
Athletes, coaches, fitness instructors, personal trainers, PE teachers, physiotherapists and alike attend one of the Body Coach® workshops or seminar programs in your state. More.........

Posturefit® Flow Down Method™
To help reduce athlete injury and improve and maintain athletic performance, over the past decade Paul Collins has been researching, compiling and developing body posture assessments, trigger point release and stretching techniques used in managing athletes in a vast array of sports such as track and field and gymnastics - to develop the revolutionary Posturefit® Flow Down Method™. More.........

Beat Depression through regular exercise and have some FUN - watch video below - allow 6 seconds for video to start!
YES you can help overcome depression through regular exercise. Join the body coach whose mission it is to help you live a happy and healthy lifestyle without being depressed. Watch the following video where Paul shows you the FUNNY Side of Personal Training, showing a client how easy it is to get fit around the home

Yoga is a great stretching and mind body activity for people of all age groups and ability levels. Learn Yoga basics with the body coach.