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What is the 90 DAY SSS Plan?

This is an online training and nutrition plan which contains my set training system and set menu. The meal plans get tailored to every client on the basis of their calorie requirements and energy demands in line with my set meal recipes.

Upon signing up by World Pay and completing a detailed lifestyle questionnaire and food diary I will analyse the information and within 5 working days produce a tailored meal plan in line with my set recipes and plan formula. The food diary has been put in place to give me a picture of your weekly calorie consumption and an indication as to the potential condition of your metabolic health. This is created on the basis of it meeting your daily calorie requirements and the energy demands created on your body in line with your lifestyle. Please note that I do have a vegetarian option for the plan and replace all meat and poultry with fish, quorn, tofu and eggs. The actual ingredients contained in my recipes will only be changed on the basis of illness or allergies.

You then send in current images of yourself which of course remain 100% confidential and will never be shared online without your consent. Once I have your online questionnaire & photos I can then determine your body composition and create and send cycle one of your plan to you within 5 working days.

Each month you then send in your progress pics and stats. We then alter and adjust your calorie intake based upon your progress. This means that you won’t hit a fat loss plateau and will transform your body over 90 days.

Why is the 90 Day SSS Plan so different?

Each cycle has a new meal plan, macro structure and new training plan meaning you have a new challenge each month to push your body to its true potential. The plan is suitable for all fitness levels so don’t feel like you need to be super fit to complete my plan. The aim of the 90 Day Plan is to burn fat, build lean muscle and make you stronger, fitter and leaner than ever.

This is NOT a low calorie diet which will deprive you of food groups or run you into the ground. This is a lifestyle plan with my aim always to get my clients consuming as many calories as possible whilst still burning fat through well balanced and timed macronutrients and the correct calorie deficit. It’s an education in nutrition whereby I explain the rationale behind everything so you don’t just know what to eat but you understand why you need to fuel and refuel after workouts so when you complete your 90 days you can sustain your progress long into the future.

The meal plan has over 150 tasty recipes to choose from which are extremely easy to cook meaning even the busiest people and fussiest of eaters can stick to the plan. I also include my unique pick’n’mix principle and give you options and the ideas to build your own super tasty and healthy meals. This is a totally unique approach to online meal plans and means you get a choice to have flexible eating but within a tailored environment. This makes the plan not only enjoyable but also very sustainable.

The three training cycles are very detailed and come with video links to all workouts which demonstrate good technique. The workouts can be done in the gym or at home with minimal equipment (I recommend Dumbbells & resistance bands for home workouts). Cycle one is short 25 minute HIIT based cardio which build up your fitness & prepare you for the intense workouts of cycle 2 and 3 where we build lean muscle with resistance training.

You don’t have to follow my training system so if you want to incorporate your own training into the plan and just follow the meal plan that’s fine but please be very clear in your online form regarding the exercise you plan on doing so I can adjust the calories accordingly.

The plan also comes with a full supplement regime (recommended) to get the best results from your training. These are NOT essential but will help with optimal recovery between sessions so it’s totally up to you if you use them.

At the end of each cycle you submit your progress pics and stats. We then adjust the macros and calories based on your progress and send your next cycle within 3-5 days.

As a client you will also receive massive unique discount codes for http://myprotein.com/ saving you loads of money on your supplements.

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